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photo courtesy of Melissa Totman

About me:

I'm a Simons postdoctoral fellow at Centre de recherches mathématiques - Université de Montréal (CRM) working with Matilde Lalín and Antonio Lei

Education/Positions held:

2022-present Simons postdoctoral researcher at Centre de recherches mathématiques - Université de Montréal (CRM).

2020-2022: postdoctoral researcher (Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia)

supervisor: R.Sujatha

2015-2020: PhD in Math (Cornell University)

supervisor: Ravi Ramakrishna

2013-2015: Masters in Math (Chennai Math. Inst.)

2010-2013: BSc in Math and Computer science (Chennai Math. Inst.)

Future Appointments:

Starting August 2023, I will be an assistant professor (tenure track) at the Chennai Mathematical Institute, India.

Research interests:

  • Iwasawa theory,

  • Galois representations,

  • Arithmetic statistics,

  • Arithmetic topology (including knot theory and graph theory),

  • Diophantine equations.

Here is a link to my papers on the arxiv.



At this time, I'm supervising a small number of undergraduate research projects. The projects that interest me range from a wide variety of topics in number theory. These projects are designed to be easily accessible to undergraduates with a modest background in Galois theory and algebraic number theory. The goal is prove results that are of interest to experts, for which the techniques can be learnt within a few months. These projects are not always guaranteed to immediately lead to interesting papers, but at least get the ball rolling.

  • Arindam Bhattacharya, Vishnu Kadiri (Cmi undergraduate) Inverse Galois problem with prescribed ramification, Hilbert class field towers,

  • Hardik Kalra (Cmi undergraduate) Modularity, diophantine equations involving power sums in arithmetic progressions,

  • Hrishabh Mishra (Cmi undergraduate) Statistics for orders in \Z^n and other rings of number theoretic interest, has led to one preprint so far: "On the number of subrings of \Z^n of prime power index". Arithmetic stats and Galois theory-- Malle's conjecture,


photo credit: Melissa Totman

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