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photo courtesy of Melissa Totman

About me:

I'm an assistant professor of Mathematics at the Chennai Mathematical Institute in India.


I obtained my Phd at Cornell University in 2020, after which I was a postdoc at the University of British Columbia (2020-2022) and a Simons postdoctoral fellow at the Centre de recherches Mathematiques, Montreal (2022-2023). 

Research interests:

I use Galois theoretic methods to study questions in number theory and arithmetic geometry. My research is primarily in

  • Iwasawa theory,

  • Galois representations,

  • Arithmetic statistics.

Here is a link to my papers on the arxiv. Click here to view my research papers.

Education/Positions held:

June 2023-present Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Chennai Mathematical Institute.

2022-2023 Simons postdoctoral researcher at Centre de recherches mathématiques - Université de Montréal (CRM).

supervisors: Matilde Lalín and Antonio Lei.

2020-2022: postdoctoral researcher (Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia)

supervisor: R.Sujatha

2015-2020: PhD in Math (Cornell University)

supervisor: Ravi Ramakrishna



A face to face interview with Kristaps Balodis Math Talk!



photo credit: Melissa Totman

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