photo courtesy of Melissa Totman

About me:

I'm a Simons postdoctoral fellow at Centre de recherches mathématiques - Université de Montréal (CRM) working with Matilde Lalín and Antonio Lei

Education/Positions held:

2022-present Simons postdoctoral researcher at Centre de recherches mathématiques - Université de Montréal (CRM).

2020-2022: postdoctoral researcher (Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia)

supervisor: R.Sujatha

2015-2020: PhD in Math (Cornell University)

supervisor: Ravi Ramakrishna

2013-2015: Masters in Math (Chennai Math. Inst.)

2010-2013: BSc in Math and Computer science (Chennai Math. Inst.)

Future Appointments:

Starting August 2023, I will be an assistant professor (tenure track) at the Chennai Mathematical Institute, India.

Research interests:

  • Iwasawa theory,

  • Galois representations,

  • Arithmetic statistics,

  • Arithmetic topology (including knot theory and graph theory),

  • Diophantine equations.

Here is a link to my papers on the arxiv.



At this time, I'm supervising a small number of undergraduate research projects. The projects that interest me range from a wide variety of topics in number theory. These projects are designed to be easily accessible to undergraduates with a modest background in Galois theory and algebraic number theory. The goal is prove results that are of interests to experts on topics of widespread interest, for which the techniques can be learnt within a few months. These projects are not always guaranteed to immediately lead to interesting papers, but at least get the ball rolling.

  • Arindam Bhattacharya, Vishnu Kadiri (Cmi undergraduate) Inverse Galois problem with prescribed ramification, Hilbert class field towers,

  • Hardik Kalra (Cmi undergraduate) Modularity, diophantine equations involving power sums in arithmetic progressions,

  • Hrishabh Mishra (Cmi undergraduate) Statistics for orders in \Z^n and other rings of number theoretic interest, has led to one preprint so far: "On the number of subrings of \Z^n of prime power index". Arithmetic stats and Galois theory-- Malle's conjecture,


photo credit: Melissa Totman